Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 08 May 2014 21:38

As with every other sporting club in Western Australia the Association is required to abide by the Liquor Licencing rules. Over the summer many clubs in our area had a visit by the Licencing Authority and it may be our turn next. Breaches of licencing rules result in substantial fines for individuals and Associations along with the possible withdrawal of the licence. Each team would need to pay an extra $1000.00 in team registration fees each year if we lost our licence.

A requirement of the licence is that all alcohol is consumed within the designated areas and this will be strictly enforced from this week on. The Association has no choice but to enforce the rules and offenders will incur penalties which will include fines and / or loss of points for their team. It is your responsibility NOT to breach the guidelines and there will be no exceptions.

The designated area will be clearly marked. We will move some diamonds closer to this area to enable easier viewing of games. Consumption of alcohol outside if this area will not be tolerated so please do not drink alcohol around diamonds, near the council BBQs or on the wrong side of the rope.